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Dog Park Rules

City & County of Honolulu

Dog Park Rules & Regulations

Even though the Hawai'i Kai Dog Park was built through a public-private partnership, it’s still a public, City park and it's governed by the City’s regulations.  Please read and observe these rules to ensure all park users have a safe and enjoyable dog park experience:

  1. Off-leash parks are for dogs, their handlers and those accompanying them.  No other use is allowed.
  2. Dogs must be on leash when entering and exiting the off-leash park.
  3. No handlers shall have more than two dogs under his/her control.
  4. Handlers shall maintain voice control over the dog at all times.
  5. Handlers must have control and must carry a leash while their dogs are in the off-leash park.
  6. Dogs must be free of diseases and parasites such as fleas and ticks.
  7. No dogs in estrus/heat are allowed in the off-leash park.
  8. All dogs are required to wear a valid current dog license tag attached to the dog's collar.
  9. All persons entering an off-leash park enters the off-leash park at his or her own risk. The City is not liable to any person or dog for any injury of harm incurred or caused by any other person or dog entering or remaining in the off-leash park.
  10. Handlers shall carry equipment for the removal and disposal of dog feces.
  11. Handlers shall pick up and dispose of any and all feces left by the dog.
  12. Handlers shall be eighteen years of age or older.
  13. Minors under the age of eighteen shall not be allowed in the off-leash park unless under the control and supervision of an adult.
  14. Handlers shall immediately leash and remove the dog from the park if the dog exhibits aggressive behavior towards other park users or other dogs.
  15. No food or animal snacks are permitted in the off-leash park.
  16. All persons entering the off-leash park shall comply with all departmental rules and regulations, city ordinances and signs posted in the park.
  17. Professional dog trainers shall not use the off-leash park for the conduct of their business.
  18. Handlers must stop their dog from digging and must fill all holes dug up by the dog(s) under their control.

    Violators are subject to a fine, imprisonment or both.
    Auth. ROH As Amended
    Department of Parks & Recreation
    City & County of Honolulu




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